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23 years after the release of the 1989 tokusatsu movie GUNHED, the transformable armored mecha deployed by the allied powers in the robotic war against the
autonomous AI Kyron-5, GUNHED, is finally joining Kotobukiya’s plastic model lineup! This definitive version is made with modern model kit techniques, with supervision
and materials by tokusatsu director Koichi Kawakita.
By swapping out parts, GUNHED can transform between Tank Mode and Standing Mode. In addition to being able to stand on its own in Standing Mode, it can also be
displayed in Pid Mode to recreate the iconic scene from the movie. The unit number to recreate GUNHED 507 from the movie and other markings are included as decals.
Fuel tanks and barrels of vintage whiskey can be attached to the legs just like in the movie, and users can also remove the 20mm chain gun to recreate the movie’s
climactic ending. Enjoy assembling this meticulously crafted GUNHED by adding it to your collection today!
Model Specifications:
Included items:
■ Barrel without Belt ×1
■ Attachable Barrel (Left Side Only, as in the Movie)
■ Fuel Tank ×2
■ This model can transform from Tank (GI Mode) to Standing (GII Mode) by swapping out parts.
■ Both arms are extendable from the wrists.
■ The fingers of the left and right manipulators are independently movable.
■ The wire launcher holes on the shoulders and legs can be accessed by removing the hatches (wires not included).
■ This model is compatible with MECHANICAL BASE FLYING3.
(This item is a reproduction.)
Item Number KP190X
Case 6

Release Date: 2023-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2022-07-19
  • UPC: 4934054048397