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Celebrate Gurren Lagann’s 15th anniversary with Kamina as he joins the BUZZmod. line-up! This figure features a variety of interchangeable parts which will allow you to recreate many of the iconic scenes featuring Kamina from the show! The production of this figure was supervised by the Gurren Lagann production team, resulting in the creation of a figure that is brimming with Kamina’s personality. It’s as if Kaminia is right next you! His iconic cape is made with materials that allow you to freely move and pose it in different positions. Five different facial expressions are also included, allowing you to express Kamina in a variety of different emotions. There are also a variety of replaceable wrist parts included for even further customization! The line-up continues to grow! Be on the lookout for more BUZZmod. products coming soon!
1/12 scale action figure
CP: 12 pcs per carton
Gurren Lagann
© GAINAX・中島かずき/アニプレックス・KONAMI・テレビ東京・電通

Release Date: 2024-02
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-02-12
  • UPC: 4534530749239